Versatile gift hampers – the gift that keeps on giving!

Corporate gifting offers so many choices that sometimes it is difficult to know what will work best for your business and your clients. A great idea is a versatile gift hamper. Not everyone offers these of course but it is one of our specialities.

In this article, we look at a few ways that this is not only a great gift to receive but there are several advantages to it too – so we believe versatile gift hampers are the gift that keeps on giving!

It gives you the best value

Let’s face it, who doesn’t just love to receive a great gift hamper? It contains a whole lot of goodies instead of just one and as the title suggests this is not only a versatile choice of a gift for your clients but generally speaking, because we combine many items into one package, it gives the best value too.

It gives local manufacturers great opportunities

We can’t speak for everyone but many of our gift hamper choices are sourced from local South African artisans and manufacturers, making them very proudly local. We even happily invite local suppliers to contact us for possible inclusion in our hampers at [email protected]. This gift is therefore also giving back to the local economy.

It gives the eco-system space to breathe!

Not only do our gift hampers look great, simple and eye-catching, but every hamper and as many of the gifts contained therein as possible, are eco-friendly too. We all know what an important issue this is now so let’s give the corporate gift that gives back to the environment!

It gives you more choices

One of the best things about gift hampers is that they can be created from your specifically chosen products, so the choices are almost limitless. Our ‘complete creative ideas’ already compiled hampers offer a wide range too. From ‘support local’ and ‘Proudly SA’ hampers to ‘Appreciate him and her’ hampers and from ‘Special occasions and ‘gifting’ to ‘Brother Buddha,’ it’s all about having more choices.

It gives you great branding

Remember that depending on what you choose to include in your hamper almost everything can be branded with your logo, so talk to us about creating the gift hamper that will give you all these benefits and the best branding possibilities too.

Spotted Zebra Promotions particularly pride ourselves on personalised service and assisting clients with making better choices for their corporate gifting campaigns. Versatile hampers certainly are the gift that keeps on giving and because we keep on giving service that is reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and committed we have many customers that keep on returning – again and again!