Sports and brands go hand in hand in doing better business!

You may have noticed that in recent times when there have been fewer people in stadiums even more emphasis has been on the branding of players, officials, and anything else that is in front of the camera in sports events.

There is no doubt that sports are very big business, and it bears considering how this could benefit your brand, even be it on a smaller scale, by marrying your brand with sports events in your community or business.

Here are three great ways you can make the use of sports branding or corporate gifts to build your business…

Create and brand your business’ teams and players

There is no better team-building exercise or better way to build morale than to encourage sports within your own business with your employees. It creates healthy competition and is a great way to socialise. Even as a very small business you can form a tennis team or just go to play golf with clients. Whatever you do, branded sportswear raises company morale and is proudly worn – even off the playing field.

Sponsor community teams or players

It is always great business to be seen to be supporting your community. Offer to buy branded sportswear for local teams or sports heroes. Some lesser supported sports and athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds always need sponsorship. Remember that people take note of and prefer to do business with businesses that care!

Corporate gifts for clients in sports can be a real winner

Golf is a great example of a sport that businessmen challenge each other to and where great business is done. There are many others too, like squash and even inter-company soccer or softball games. When you get a chance to engage in this way a great branded corporate gift of shorts, caps, scarves etc are always warmly welcomed.

Spotted Zebra have it all

Remember that Spotted Zebra Promotions, one of Cape Town’s premier suppliers of branded items and corporate gifts have everything imaginable for any sort of branding associated with sports. From the branding of every type of sportswear, like shirts, caps, ties, and blazers to everything you may find on the sports field like coolers, water bottles, umbrellas, balls, signs, and banners – we have it all.

Don’t let your business miss out on becoming a part of the biggest business of all – Sports. Talk to us about what we can do for your brand and remember we are always committed to providing the great quality & super service that will set your brand above the rest.

Stay safe – and stay in the game!