Aroma Burner


Natural Wax Candle

The Balance Aroma Burner is a wooden handcrafted burner. Ideal for soy wax melts and essential or fragrance oils
The burner consists of a wooden stand with a small glass bowl on top for placing your essential oil, fragrance oil and wax melts.
A small tealight below is lit to heat the oils and melts
The heat from the tealight allows the fragrance to warm and infuse into the air filling your space with your chosen fragrance
Each burner comes with a full set of soy melts in your chosen fragrance

Using your essential oil Burner safely for essential and fragrance oils:
When using oils, fill the glass bowl with water or coarse salt
Place a few drops of fragranced oils into the bowl
Light the tealight and enjoy the fragrances

Using Soy Wax Melts:
Choose a fragrance soy wax melt
You can blend 2 or 3 different fragrances together depending on your mood
Light the tealight and enjoy the fragrance in your space
Once you have extinguished the tealight dispose of the waste wax into a container and use as a soy wax  firestarter

Do not leave the lit burner unattended
Do not place lit burner near soft furnishings or curtains
Ensure that you periodically top up the glass bowl with water when using this option for fragrance oils

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