Every employee, customer & representative of your business is a walking billboard!

Many people think of the business of corporate gifting and clothing as one where giving clients an appropriate gift or dressing your employees is the objective of the business. This is far from the truth because we are actually in the business of corporate BRANDING.

Every gift, item of clothing, banner display and PPE attire is a great opportunity to brand your business so that your logo and taglines can be seen in as many places as possible. 

We have what might sound like a fictitious story, but it is true. A Plumber stood in a queue at a bank for around 20 minutes. As it turned out he wasn’t frustrated by it at all because within that time he picked up 2 new clients. His clearly branded jacket had attracted their attention and it was as if a page of the Yellow pages had blown in and landed on their faces.

That is the power of branding – so never forget that every employee, customer and representative of your business is a walking billboard!

So where should your billboards be?

There are so many places where branded clothing can be worn that will attract the eye of the public – let’s take a look at a few of these…

At work

Wherever people work is a good place to have your brand emblazoned on some great fashionable work clothing. From overalls on work teams out in the field to a smartly branded tie for the executive to catch the eye in meetings, or even on PPE attire, wherever it is required – your staff or the client to whom you gift the branded items can be boosting your brand in the workplace.

At play

There are very few golf enthusiasts that would say no to a great golf shirt or cap, even if it is branded with your logo and not theirs. What a great way to have your own clients boosting your business on the golf course, on the soccer field or out on the road on their bikes.

Gym equipment, like bags and bottles and clothing too, are great favourites and a wonderful opportunity for you to have walking billboards in a place where most people have their eye on somebody else!

On holiday

Very little stands out more than a great branded beach umbrella or camping gazebo. This is a perfect way to have your brand working for you even when you are not! Cooler boxes, caps and towels too – the places your brand can be seen are endless.

Get the corporate branding specialists

Spotted Zebra Promotions “where everything is possible” offer a full range of Corporate Gifts, Clothing, Displays and PPE & Wellness products. We add value to any selected gift or clothing item. This is anything from a personalized gift tag to a beautifully gift-wrapped item, delivered door to door countrywide & internationally. 

Your satisfaction is our number one concern and why so many clients happily use our services time and again. Contact us today and discover that we are committed to providing great quality & superior service that will set your brand above the rest, wherever it may be – and we can start by making every employee, customer and representative of your business a walking billboard!